Creative Therapy

For some people arts, crafts and creative activities can be a part of their ‘toolkit’ for pain management.

If you’re interested to find out more about how creativity might be part of your pain management, download our invitation to attend a fun and informal ‘creative therapy workshop’.

And take a look at the films below, for inspiring stories about how arts, crafts and being creative have helped people with their pain in different ways.

Creativity and using your imagination can move thoughts away from the sensation of pain, it can also be a way for people to tell ‘their story’ and be heard or help make sense of pain by using creativity to express thoughts and emotions.

Creative and artistic activities of any kind can also provide a sense of achievement, be simply a joyful and fun activity – and have added benefits – such as chances to relax, socialise, improve mood, be active and so on.

Being creative is not about dancing like a professional, painting a masterpiece or completing a novel, in fact anyone can be creative in many ways – that suit or are meaningful to them!


Workshop Videos

Manci’s story

Dancing & how it can help if you have pain

Helen’s story

How simple crafts have helped with managing daily pain

Miriam’s story

How drawing & keeping a journal can help with persistant pain

Richard’s story

How candle making has helped with pain & making life changes!

Nicolas Story

How anyone can paint! and how simple mark making can distract from pain

Abida’s story

How gardening & nature can help when living with pain

Richard’s Story

How singing has helped to manage his pain & breathe better

Model Making

How it can help with pain and emotional wellbeing


Tutor’s Videos

Tutors explain the benefits of creativity for emotional and physical wellbeing.

Victoria Alderson – Art Tutor

How simple art activities can help with persistant pain

Lorrain Cowburn – Singing Coach

How singing & breath work helps people with persistant pain